v star 1100 tire pressure

Get your answers by asking now. What should be proper psi. The engineers that that built the bike in the first place are going to know best, and they put that info in your manual.Pay attention to whether the tire pressure indicated is for a tire that’s hot or cold (like we just discussed).NOTE: For those that have a Honda Goldwing and are curious, these stats are from the owner’s manual for a 2004 GL1800It tells me very specifically to check my air pressure when the tires are cold and give me a brief explanation.It also gives me a front tire inflation pressure of 36 psi and a rear tire inflation pressure of 41 psi.Both of these pressures are below the maximum pressure for my tires, which is 42 psi.Your owner’s manual should tell you what the optimum levels of both the front and rear tire pressure of the motorcycle.If you don’t have your owner’s manual, find the sticker that has your motorcycles VIN (vehicle identification number) usually located on the frame in the front.Your tire pressures may be located there or other locations on the bike like the front fork tubes, the trunk (under the lid), or under the seat.Of course, the last and final option is to call the dealership.Although there are tire pressures listed on the sidewall of the tire, follow your motorcycle manufacturers specifications.If you threw away or lost your manual, you should be able to get one through your dealer.I did a google search for my owner’s manual online and was able to find it very easy. Season: All Season. At the top of the pin will be a gauge with the depths listed in thirty seconds (32’s) of an inch.In many states, car and motorcycle tires are no longer legal below 2/32’s of an inch of tread depth.I hate to be captain obvious here, but the rear wheel of your motorcycle will likely be worn down first depending on how you ride (hard braking, burning out, skidding etc).When the motorcycle rear tire tread depth is low, the motorcycle may slide or slip out from under in a turn (even at low speed).After removing the cloth from your rectum from fright, make plans to a new set of tires.Don’t put off checking your tires and other steering components like your front forks or you’re Here are a few common things to look for with your motorcycle tires that indicate that it’s time for them to be replaced.Look for the tire tread worn down to the wear bars that are placed inside the actual tread.

How fast is a Yamaha vstar 650? link to Do Deer Whistles Work On Motorcycles; Effective Or Scam? Get yourself a tread depth gauge and at least keep it in your garage.

You may be able to find something that’s close to get you started. The tiny cracks will be most noticeable on the sidewall and down close to the area where the tire attaches to the motorcycle wheel or rim.Dry rot happens when the motorcycle is left outside exposed to the elements (like direct sunlight) and makes the tire rubber hard and stiff. There is no ‘one size fits’ all answer in a forum somewhere.How much pressure your motorcycle tires needs will depend on:The type of riding your doing and the stresses you putting on your tires (touring/leisure, racing etc).How much weight you’re carrying. We are compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies at no extra cost to the reader. New Dunlop D404F tires on a 2003 yamaha v-star 1100 custum. I keep mine a little over-inflated to prevent cupping of the edges.The manual specs sound about par for large bikes with spoked rims.I would always go by the psi on the tire. Made to go the distance, these tires are designed to last, provide grip and keep you touring for miles to come. Type: Harley & Cruiser Tires.

predd # on the custom, the front tire is lower than the rear rozcozmom # Wonderful..thanks guys! under inflation will lead to a blow-out too.for a smoother ride on hghways I would inflate them to 40 psi if your doing mainly city and around town riding inflate them to 38 psiSo-Crates has the wonderful solutions on the tire placed on. My buddy says that the manual is for the original stock tires, these are not the original stock tires.

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