puma product testing

Sometimes you get the shoes back after that.From time to time, they stop taking new testers. Our New Balance Product Testing team members will notify you of each new prototype test. If you’ve fallen on hard times (we all do from time to time.

Earlier this year, PUMA introduced its state-of-the-art technology platform Fit Intelligence (Fi), revealing its first self-lacing shoe. All you need is your computer, time, and the ...  

I hope your situation gets better soon. PUMA was the first to craft a laceless sports shoe with Velcro™ straps in 1968, the first to put a computer inside a shoe in 1986 and the first to introduce a wirelessly connected adaptive fit shoe called AutoDisc in 2016. Contact

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Press APPLY. Fit one of our product sizes (test products are only available in limited sizes) and meet minimum weekly activity requirements for your sport. Review the Top Products, Restaurants & Stores in the US for Free! At the time of writing this post, they have a beta test program for testing their new Fi training shoes.Use the link above to sign up and if approved, they’ll send you a pair of Fi training shoes that you will have three weeks to test.The list above covers most major shoe manufacturers that offer free shoes via their product testing programs.But becoming a product tester isn’t the only way to get shoes and sneakers without paying. You get to use/test the item for the required duration (usually a few weeks). Aiming to fully adapt to our consumers’ needs and develop the best smart fitting product in the market, PUMA will ask selected testers to wear the self-lacing training shoe and share their feedback on its usability, design, … Ever since, we've worked tirelessly on improving the functionality, the user interface and the durability of the shoe. The Product Testing Team selects you based on characteristics such as shoe/apparel size, demographic profile, geographic location, sport and athletic profile. company PUMA has today Ever wondered about that? previous next. Doing typing work from home is a great way to earn money without having to invest any money. Take a minute to apply for all the product testing programs and join the rewards sites and before you know it, you’ll have your free shoes in the mail!Another site that your followers could test for many brands within the sports, outdoor and lifestyle space is Great info and yes, I’m signing up for some of them!Install the Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel app on any device and earn up to $50. Need Help? slide 1 of 1, currently active × We use cookies to enhance your experience. ), there are a number of churches, local and national charities and organizations that can get you a pair.And don’t forget to contact your local Salvation Army or Goodwill. But what most people don’t know is that the company has a product testing program that you can apply for to get the opportunity to test their products for free including running shoes and hiking boots.If you’re accepted into the program, they’ll send a pair of shoes or boots that you get to test for a few weeks or months. They’ll send you a prepaid shipping label with the shoes so you can send them.Like most companies, these people will mail more products to diligent product testers who put in their best effort.For more details about NewBalance’s Wear Test program read This company is looking only for daily athletes, so you’ll need to be exercising daily to be applicable here.Although Under Armour is more known for their T-shirts and Shorts, they also make shoes, and as such they also have a wear test program.Like all other major shoe brands, Puma also introduces new and improved shoes from time to time.

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