poorly written articles

This adds nothing to the reader and appears very lazy.

The artifact is plagued with poor grammatical structure. This is particularly so when the subject is political or religious belief. I tend to edit as I write, which many a writing coach has spanked me for. The writer probably shouldn’t have or didn’t graduate from a decent journalism school, but this isn’t bad for, say, a high school paper. An author with this many mistakes in their writing leads the reader to question not only the writing abilities of the author, but the level of understanding as well. And, I think numerical numbers are catchier and easier to read in blog titles, and on internet search pages. I'm glad most of the comments seem to be ignoring the actual text in it. Posted by 3 years ago. [end quote]Was the hubby/she intentionally the confusing part?

Poor code quality can be an extremely expensive problem to fix. I understand your summary of the” list goes on”, such the phase “tons of moments”. JavaScript is disabled. So, here’s a list of qualities of excellent writing, to help you measure your progress. A reason it may still have the template is because it is an important page and has little information and does not reach the wiki's requirements. It’s very disjointed.I think the worst I ever saw was in the sports section and basically said (and I’m not paraphrasing much)In a keenly fought contest last night the Reds beat the Blues by a score of 35 - 12Am I nuts or is this the world’s most poorly written news article?Interesting. This little gem brought back memories of “Mr. Don't write like this. What collateral damage is being done? (Vesti) Click to expand... Oh stop it. Embalmed? Instead of relying on clichés and overdone descriptors, find fresh new images to convey your message. It would be funny if it wasn't in a production system! Quadriplegics know more about high fives than this article’s target audience. I guess this website allows anyone to write.Wow. So….it may be ungrammatical or a sign of poor writing, but it works for me. I’m teaching a writing class on “logic and organization” soon, and so I eagerly clicked on your link, hoping for an example I could use as an illustration to share with students.Instead, I found a “false dilemma” in your question - something I will be telling the class of aspiring writers to look out for. The writer also misspelled Michelle Obama’s name with only one letter “l”. Anyone who needs Wikipedia to learn about high fives is going to use them to implant hundreds of eggs in your palm. This is an extremely poorly written article. Why are you including Chapter 10 in your book? There’s no doubt about it: editing and revising the… I didn’t even catch those two. Is this standard changing due to blogging?How can you tell if your writing is improving? Poorly Written Job Descriptions Start with “About Us” Most employers (53.8%) begin their job descriptions with an About Us and it’s usually a mistake. Sometimes you’re so enmeshed in your writing, you can’t tell if you’ve improved, gotten worse, or are treading water! I hope you enjoyed the article. Poorly written work often contains words and ideas that are nebulous and difficult to comprehend. I didn’t intend to confuse readers, just to jolt them out of their lethargy. In my permanent place of work, we had an external contractor in to write an eCommerce website while I learned ASP.Net and C#. It’s an acceptable form for some types of stories, but probably not the way to go when two teenagers are arrested for killing a 12-year old girl and the biggest story the Cherry Hill Post will cover this year.As far as not mentioning a motive, it looks like the prosecutor didn’t want to say much since it hasn’t been determined whether the teens will be prosecuted as adults, so I’ll give the reporters a pass on that.I think the worst I ever saw was in the sports section and basically said (and I’m not paraphrasing much)I think the problem is that we have no idea what sport is being discussed.The Gloucester County Medical Examiner’s office determined the cause of death as blunt force trauma, consistent with strangulationThe Republican Party of Florida recently sent out a mailer embezzled with a photo of a burning American flagEmbroiled? The section “One was for Obama and the other copy was meant for Michele Obama”. Examples of poorly written journal articles? To eliminate this sign of bad writing, be specific and concrete.“The chief weakness in most writing is lack of purpose, point, thesis, argument,” writes Stott in What’s the main point of your blog post? I have noticed that regardless of how poorly written, an article that feeds into the beliefs of the readers is one that is well received.

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