fgo jp 5 star tier list

Considering she also packs great team utility with her ability to clear enemy buffs and having great survivability with debuff clear and invulnerability, Musashi is fantastic in many single target Challenge Quests. Another unique trait of BB (Summer)'s is that she is immune to Burn, which is rather niche but still nice. Furthermore, his access to only a single Buster card reduces his direct damage potential as well as making it more difficult to choose a right teammate for him. He is one of the strongest solo Servant in the game thanks to a combination of good damage and fantastic survivability, and can also serve the role of the last man for any challenge quest. Tesla is a fantastic farming Servant thanks to his instant NP charge and high damage AoE Noble Phantasm. I quit writing on this site a few months back. She does lack a strong survivability tool though, which hampers her ability to stay on the field over time. However, they lack a true specialization to propel them to the top of the Lancer ladder. and it doesn’t appear, it was 40 and it doesn’t appear is...This guy has cool start-up FGO accounts and low prices! First, he has a powerful AoE Noble Phantasm well suited for both farming and single target damage due to the majority of bosses in the game being Servants. As a result, he tends to get sidelined for Archers who excel better at particular niches.Regardless, Archer of Shinjuku is a solid Archer who can consistently give a passable performance in most scenarios, but does not have enough of a true niche to shine above his more specialized competitors.With what can only be described as ludicrous speed damage potential on her NP, Maid Alter's single target NP Damage stands amongst the highest of all Servants outside of anti-trait shenanigans. Cleopatra is easily among the best AoE Assassins in the game. Furthermore, the lack of an Interlude for her Noble Phantasm results in a somewhat underwhelming damage output per NP activation. Scathach, however, suffers from the inconsistency of her NP generation rate and the RNG on her first skill, making her hard to fully utilize. She also has good base stats, and strong NP & Critical Star generation. Packing exceptional ST Noble Phantasm damage thanks to multiple steroids, strong teamwide offensive utility, and a kit well-suited for Critical teams, this dandy shooter is a versatile Archer that can work in different teams.However, versatility can be both a virtue and a vice in Fate/Grand Order, and Archer of Shinjuku is a fantastic example of that conundrum. It is not the shield's fault.

Including Zhuge in any team reduces the difficulty dramatically and he should always be one of the first names on a team for any event or challenge. Fantastic NP, Critical Star Generation, and a useful overcharge effect on her single-target Noble Phantasm land Summer Tamamo a spot in many teams dedicated to killing bosses. Despite being overshadowed by stronger supports, Masters who lack any of those (NP Charging) supports will find Osakabehime rather useful during Raid Event or combating Rider bosses. Packing three Buster cards, two strong steroids, a Buster single target Noble Phantasm and the appearance of a Dark Souls boss, one could call him a Berserker in disguise. Fate Grand Order 5 Star Servants Tier List, Best 5 Star Servant, Rating. Sadly, her Caster class does reduce her overall damage performance by quite a bit, especially if she gets debuffed by her own NP. Ozymandias’s ability to support his team with two team-wide buffs is both extremely unique and powerful at the same time. However, her Alter Ego class means her damage is rarely, if ever, the best against certain enemies.

Can be applied multiple timesThe following servants are under re-evaluation due to strengthening they received from the 5th Interlude Update5 Star Servants Tier List: Best Servants [5/9 updated!

King Hassan is certainly a peculiar Assassin amidst the pool of wacky Quick and Arts murderers. MMM - Bikini'd Buddhavista Busts Breakage Boundaries, Bonus Beneficient Bride and Bubbly Brat (Summer 2020 Part 1) However, her card deck being Quick-oriented hurts her current viability as it lowers her potential damage output before Skadi arrives. 1 5 Star Tier List 2 Servants 3 4 Star Tier List 4 1-3 Star Tier List 5 Summon Simulator 6 Servant Planner 7 Rabbit's Reviews #271: Murasaki Shikibu (4* R... 8 Materials 9 JP Summon Simulator (Beta) 10 Guide List Best applied only to notable servants. Nonetheless, Cleopatra is still among the most premium AoE Assassins that the game offers and Tier 2 is a well-deserved placement for her. (I understand that they were dead the time you wrote your comment, but I just felt the need to say it xd)Too much of this doesn't make any sense.

His third skill, Giant Beast Slaying, is what sets him apart from most of his competitors, offering a small NP battery skill and an unusual niche against Giant enemies. He can work as either an NP spamming Servant with his triple Arts deck and NP battery, or as a Critical Damage Dealer, but he does not particularly excel at either role.

Being an Arts Alter Ego with wide coverage, Kiara is a decent alternative for Masters with limited Servant rosters and a preference for Arts Servants, but her value diminishes as more options are available. Skadi arguably introduces a new meta change, greatly increasing the viability of Quick Servants across the board with her targetable 50% Quick buff and Quick Card Critical Damage boost. A strong AoE Buster Archer by all means, Napoleon brings a healthy dosage of damage steroids for both himself and his party, providing both Attack and NP Strength boosts to the party.

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