does gideon cheat on eva

She better not hurt my man after all he has done for her. I want them end up being happy and secure, I want them to overcome all their nightmares together and to be the perfect couple forever in love. ;-))Sylvia, Said in a interview that they would have more time alone.I would have to say they finally got married and they are on their honeymoon.What does this mean???

!Well no not really since he made some other “possessive” comments to herin book 2 when they saw each other again…I’m trying to not read too much into thisWell, if you go back and read the other snippets it looks like they still cannot be together for some reason. I like to hope his mother was there to help perpetuate the myth that he and Corrine were “back together” as Christopher mentioned to Eva. It pissed me off how she acted with Brett in 2nd book, it will piss me more in the 3rd book if she keeps making games and torturing Gideon.Well, unless you’ve been through sexual abuse like her you never know how you’d react,no?She could be using Brett as a cover just like Gideon is using Corrine….at least I hope soCould it be that they are still having to cover up their relationship? Maybe they are still keeping up their pretenses of not being together. Just saying.I would be very interested in watching someday if we can get it on tv:)I have a question about two scenes in ‘Reflected in You’… – When Eva called Gideon at his home and he went to another room to talk with her, she heard another voice. !Gideon and Eva are the romance of the decade. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. Always Enabled Thank you Ms Day for taking the sensible route and giving Gideon and Eva their proper story in a sensible time period. I like to hope his mother was there to help perpetuate the myth that he and Corrine were “back together” as Christopher mentioned to Eva.

However you may visit Cookie Settings to provide a controlled consent.This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Not sure, but she’s said that Eva and Gideon will be together at the end of this series. God please let them continue to be together and get married and have lots of babies!!! He was young and stupid and everyone deserves a second chance.I agree, I don’t think Eva is doing anything with Brett, I’m thinking she showed up at this event with Cary and runs into Brett who is probably estatic to see Eva there since he already said he won’t give up on her.

Let’s brace ourselves for the whiplash next chapter. Blogger.

Can’t wait for book although this snippet makes me nervous it’s going to fab . And what perfect place could it be, but this.! By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. see I read this, as she is finally totally solid in her relationship with Gideon, she doesn’t seem to have a problem with being around Brett, and Gideon owns Brett’s record label. Clearly she feels bad about the delay, although it’s due to no fault of her own, she wants to take care of her fans.

Love the conflict, drama that is Eva & Gideon. this single rose looks kinda lonely and heartbroken and maybeAgree, their is more to their story then romance and sex I think that they are still on down low with their relationship and working thru everything. If you were in a relationship, this is how an old love would try to re-insert himself back into your life.). Owner of Cross Industries, of Crossfire building and of the building where Eva lives. Heavens, Mama!

Especially with all that’s going on in his life right now.”He scoped me out. Was that planned or what. If he wanted to screw TROLL BITCH, he could have always gone to her apartment, that was around the corner from his. Which is “happy” if you want them together.

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