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I can best describe it as you remember going to sleep last night but not the exact moment you fell asleep.”Once I resigned myself to the fact I was going to die I was strangely calm. Chris Lemons and fellow divers at work in a still from the film. A diver who spent more than 30 minutes in the North Sea after his oxygen cord was severed during oil-rig maintenance in 2012 survived. But what they didn’t know was that 100m above them, a 35-knot wind and a 5m swell were hitting Down below an alarm went off and Dave and Chris were instructed to return to the bell at once. Chris said: “As we came to the edge of the structure we looked up expecting to see the diving bell ahead of us but it wasn’t there.But as Chris climbed, his umbilical became snared on the structure.Within seconds the line became tight as the ship above drifted away.“I was being sucked into the structure as the umbilical was tightening.

Why scientists believed ‘anti-ageing plant’ could Cystic Fibrosis: Minister vows to fight for life-saving pills on NHSChris Lemons survived for 35 minutes without oxygen 'Miracle' as 143 survive jet crash in Florida riverNHS miracle machine could mean the END of hospital bugs Seven years ago, Chris Lemons, then 33, was at an exciting time in his life.

The DP had been fixed and Bibby was back in place.How Chris survived that long without breathing is a mystery. order back issues and use the historic Daily Express It is inside a ship and compressed to the working pressure of the sea floor ­— nine times greater than the surface.For 28 days, a team of three divers live in one of these tiny “tin cans”, measuring two metres by two metres.Each day the three men get into a diving bell which is lowered to the sea floor so they can work six-hour shifts on the rigs which pump ­thousands of barrels of oil each day.Two men go into the sea while the third stays in the bell to coordinate the dive. I cannot understand why.”Chris’s remarkable story is told in a new nerve-shredding documentary film Last Breath which features actual footage of the dive.Chris, 39, from Cambridge, achieved his dream of becoming a qualified saturation diver in 2011. But the gas we breathe has a high concentration of oxygen which saturated my tissues and cells to allow me to survive.”Mr Lemons was back in the sea with his team three weeks later and married fiancee Morag Martin a few months down the line.And six years on, his now-wife recalls the moment she nearly lost her partner.She said: “My stomach still churns to hear the story. But Chris’s cord got caught on a metal outcrop, which wasn’t meant to be there. It is a very, very long time watching someone die.”Eventually, the crew managed to get the ship positioning system working again and raced back to Chris.Dave, who had originally tried to go back but had been dragged away by the drifting boat, now returned to the sea bed, but this time believing he would be retrieving a corpse.In a feat of strength, the lithe and wiry diver grabbed 6ft 5in Chris and climbed up his umbilical to the bell.Inside, Duncan ripped off Chris’s helmet to blow two short breaths into his lungs — and Chris gasped for air.It had been 37 minutes after his umbilical snapped and he had been without oxygen for more than half an hour. There’s also no privacy. I was completely disorientated and didn’t know which direction the structure was in.Fortunately, it was a couple of steps away and he was able to climb it. Last Breath is a 2019 documentary film directed by Richard da Costa and Alex Parkinson. Both had “umbilical cords” attached to the bell – these are thick twists of cables that deliver the requisite helium and oxygen mix the divers need to breathe, hot water to keep them warm, and light and communication with the support team.The pair scrambled back up. Chris Lemons is a lucky, lucky man.

Dave returned to help but was dragged, flailing, back to the bell as he heard Chris’s cord rip.Duncan was trying desperately to drag Chris’s cord back in, but it had tightened so much that it was bending the metal frame out from inside the bell. If you are not back in the bell within five or six minutes then you are done for.”In the pitch black, Chris found the structure he had been working on.He managed to climb ten metres to the top. Chris Lemons stared death in the face when he lay almost 100 metres under the surface of the sea following a catastrophic computer failure, which had … First a 45-minute in-house film was made for the sector, and then it was developed into a feature-length documentary. Then the ship on the surface moved and the cord tightened. I came ridiculously close to losing him and being robbed of the life we were going to have.

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