black tattoo artist in california

He apprenticed once again in LA and went through some intense training under Jess Yen.

Email him at the link above to set up a time to have a consultation with Eric and we promise you won’t be disappointed.Adolfo “Vicious” grew up in northeast Los Angeles and has been a professional tattooer since 2008.

You can be next on the list if you reach out.

Bay Area tattoo artist Kiki Burghhardt has been tattooing since 2014 and she has spent the entirety of her tattooing career in the Bay Area.

His tattoos are so accurate and realistic, it looks like it was transposed onto the skin. Not many artists have as much experience as Charlene when it comes to tattoo placement and how those tattoos flow with the body. He became a professional tattoo artist in 2008 and has hasn’t looked back since. This shop has been a staple in the community ever since. If you are looking for detailed, beautiful and colorful tattoos, Samantha is the one for you.Rich Pineda is one of the best tattoo artists in southern California.

We have hoodies, shirts, hats, prints, brushes, stickers, and lots of other surprises in our storeIconic award-winning Tattoo Artist and Owner of Black Anchor Worldwide. Her portraits are on point as well.

The studio, based in Folsom, has won multiple awards, including Best All Around Tattoos at the 2015 Tony's Place Bordello Ball, Second Best Arm at the 2012 Renegade Rendezvous, Best Leg at the 2009 All American Tattoo Festival, Best Sleeve at the 2008 Living Ink 2nd Annual Halloween Tattoo Expo, and other awards.

Nick is well-rounded but specializes in neo-traditional tattoos. However, he loves all his clients and will work hard to create a masterpiece for you as well.If you were to judge a tattoo artist based on all the awards and accolades they have racked up over the years, you might think Mondo was dubbed one of the best in the world. He’s been tattooing since 1994 and after a year of tattooing in Buffalo, NY, he made the move to Los Angeles and he has been there ever since in his own studio.

HENRY POWELL. On the other hand, she can handle almost anything you want in a tattoo. His work is just stunning and he credits a lot of his skills to the people and city around him.

Clients have given positive feedback for Red Dragon Tattoo and Piercing's clean shop and genuine, helpful, and kind staff.River City Tattoo is a body piercing and tattoo studio located in Old Sacramento.

Andy puts his heart into every tattoo that he completes.

High desert based tattoo shop featuring artists Aric Taylor, Carlos Rojas, Mat Hurtado, Umbrellaface, and owner Nikko Hurtado. The tattoo shop stays up-to-date on the latest health and safety standards, and its artists are fully licensed. His clients love him and you will too if you choose to work with him. Before tattooing, Sean Smith worked in a mashed potato factory and after four years, he realized this wasn’t the direction you wanted to head in. NEIL WILSON.

However, having a degree is one thing. She’s been the owner of Outer Limits Tattoo in Long Beach since 1983. Just will take over from there.Gilber Salas has been drawing since he was five years old, so it’s no surprise that he is one of the most talented artists in California. Our team is comprised of tattoo artists and body piercing specialists who provide excellent, professional experiences for all of our clients. An extremely personal and emotional tattoo that had the client in tears afterward. This was the first Black Anchor shop. Andrew Tran has moved passed his probationary period and he is killing it in the tattoo game. Mr. Inkwells will still adhere to the strictest safety protocols to ensure the safety of the tattoo artists and their clients.- Tattoos will be by appointment only. We’ve listed a few from New York to South Africa and in between. The shop's work has been featured in Tattoo Magazine, Skin Art, Easyriders, In The Wind, Iron Horse, Outlaw Biker, and Biker Lifestyle. The gift of being able to push yourself to better is something that makes him special and gives you the opportunity to be tattooed by someone that cares about it that much.

These walk-ins will only be permitted to enter when space and availability permits.- Tattoo shop will begin operating at 70% capacity if it is deemed safe to do so.- One guest per tattoo client will be allowed in the tattoo procedure area if the tattoo artist feels it is safe. She also loves mystery, nature and magic so if your tattoo has something to do with any of these subjects, you will have a new fan and a tattoo artist.2008 was the year that Laura Wangerin started her tattooing journey and she is still on that journey today.

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