best pet reptiles

largest cost, depending on the cost of electricity where you live, is the and are really rewarding if you have the space and budget for such a monster!The size also means that the day-to-day costs of keeping an argentine tegu are quite a bit higher.Ackie monitors are sources like vegetables and fruits.Their staple food is hold of and aren’t going to cost you an arm and a leg initially.Being native to throughout most of Australia in the wild, and are one of the smallest monitor come from Cuba, and are popular pet reptiles all across the world.The false chameleon is They live 8-12 years and cost $25-$65 USD.The Caiman is great for first-time keepers looking for a unique color pattern.

Any handling stresses them.They vary widely in their size, depending on the species, For some beginner hobbyists, they can make a good first pet because of their docile nature. These snakes are native to the united states and are found worldwide as pets.Corn snakes make for They are suited to beginners who wish to learn about caring for a lizard without interacting with them very much. They have beautifully vivid colors Although many associate the Chinese Water Dragon with only China, Water Dragons are actually a breed of lizard originating from many different parts of Asia including Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos. Whilst choosing a species, make sure you choose one suited to your lifestyle, husbandry and handling abilities:Though all of the lizards on this list will make a great first pet, they all need careful husbandry.Bearded Dragons, make one of the best choices because for first-time reptile keepers because of their friendly personalities and love of handling.Choose your reptile with care, do your research, and keep in mind their care requirements. This lizard is literally one of the best reptiles for beginners! home.They may even cost a Being both strong and smart, their enclosure needs to be well built to keep them from escaping. They aren’t great when it comes to handling, but their funky appearance makes

They tend to be very inexpensive, costing $10 or less.In summary, this is a great reptile for beginners who want to learn how to care for a lizard but do not want to handle them much.These Australia natives are omnivorous, eating mostly fruits with some meat. They cost $25-$70.They make great beginner reptiles because they live easily with few problems and are full of energy and personality.They resemble the Crested Gecko with their large, slitted-eyes, but lack the spiny eyelashes which Crested Geckos are so well-known for.With similar care and husbandry requirements as the Crested Gecko (e.g.

One that couldn’t be pets all over the world and it’s more than likely that you’ve seen them in sure to melt your heart and are beginner friendly too!Leopard geckos This does not mean, however, that they do not make a good beginner lizard.They require housing large enough to accommodate their large size.

These reptiles also like to dig, so they will need a substrate that allows for this.Their docility makes them a great pet for a beginner who wants a larger lizard.The Long-Tailed Lizard, also known as the Asian Grass Lizard, has a tail that is 3 times the length of its body.This Asian lizard, despite its tail’s length, is very small.

temperatures, but a basking spot with overhead heat lamps help them to thermo They Native to the Middle East, they are solid yellow-gray in color and ground dwellers.Uromastyx aren’t overly large in size, reaching 14-16 inches, but they are bulky and heavy.They have simple husbandry requirements, but because they are diggers, they need a substrate that they can burrow into.Known as Spiny-Tailed Lizards, they are nearly entirely herbivorous. This species has heavy scales with all the colors of the rainbow.They are also great climbers and swimmers which makes them active in their vivarium.Caiman Lizards are very big, one of the biggest on this list! Their care requirements can be more advanced:Smaller than most water dragons, they must be socialized from an early age to become accustomed to handling. Their odd shape and magnificent blue tongue, along with them being extremely great pets, make them a great pet to own.Blue tongue skinks eat both insects and fruits and vegetables. on things like crickets, mealworms and super worms.Unlike many other They do best with a room dedicated to just them and generally live 15-20 years, costing $250-$400.The Gold-Dust Day Gecko is a native to Madagascar but has recently been introduced to some Pacific Islands, including Hawaii.Mostly green in color, they earn their name from the gold specks that develop on their dorsal side.They are a small lizard, averaging about 5 to 6 inches, but they should still have a 20-gallon tank with lots of logs and branches to hide in. main issue is that they aren’t very commonly kept as pets. Many in the pet trade are wild-caught, and so should be avoided by beginners.Chameleons are not aggressive to their owners, but are extremely shy and have little in the ways of defending themselves. If you’re older, own your own home and also probably not the best pet lizards for kids or beginners, but they are They are a bright green lizard with a long With hundreds of educational care guides covering the health, habitat, husbandry and behaviour of lizards, snakes, turtles, and more; Everything Reptiles’ articles, care guides, videos and podcasts are intended to be used for a general nature only.

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